“At ease” that Washington and Beijing agreed not to go to extremes

Flags of China and the United States before the meeting of heads of diplomatic missions in Beijing, China

"Вольно": Вашингтон и Пекин договорились не доводить дело до крайности
© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin, PoolЕсли not peace, the truce is exactly what happened. The US and China agreed to intensify negotiations on restoration of relations. At least in the economy. With the geopolitical contradictions, the case is much more complicated.

Grand trade war between the US and China, with many planned and unplanned losses canceled. At least three months, the parties took a pause to once again consider the consequences. Meeting Donald trump and President XI Jinping in Argentina at the G20 summit, it seems, has become, if not an epoch-making event, it is certainly a turning point. To his aggravation was growing consistently and severely, like an avalanche. However, cost leaders to speak “heart to heart” as caused by this trade war a threat to the global economy – what almost was horrified by many experts say – at least for a time lost its relevance.

Anyway, now supply the Chinese market American cars will not be subject to draconian taxes. And in General, next year the US and China will not impose any new similar measures in relation to each other. And we are, neither more nor less, was the goods in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Immediately went in an increase in the price of U.S. soybeans, Beijing imposed additional tariffs, but it is very loved by the Chinese. In short, if not peace, the truce definitely happened, and the US President and the Chinese President agreed to intensify the negotiations to restore relations between the two countries. First of all, in the economy.

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For people with a militaristic mindset, which implies an inevitable and permanent worsening in any conflict as the only means for the participants to “not lose face”, this turn of events was completely unexpected. But, if you look closely, nothing extraordinary happened. The U.S. side once again demonstrated his rationalism, and the Chinese Eastern wisdom. Ties between the two countries is so vast that a trade war with its protective duties could escalate into a global U.S.-China economic collapse projecting to other regions of the world. Already investment of Chinese business in USA was reduced to almost zero. Him in America began to openly step. Moreover, Beijing has threatened in the fall to get rid of us government bonds for a very substantial sum.

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