Astronomers from NASA have discovered deposits of “alien” water on the moon of Saturn

Phoebe, a moon of Saturn with extrasolar water

Астрономы НАСА открыли залежи "инопланетной" воды на луне Сатурна

MOSCOW, 4 Dec – All water on Phoebe, one of Saturn’s moons have highly unusual isotopic composition, is not typical for the Solar system. It could be or in the interstellar medium, or on the furthest outskirts of our planetary family, say scientists in an article published in the journal Icarus.

“The mix of deuterium and hydrogen in the water on this moon of Saturn was a record high, nothing like this is found on other planets. This suggests that all of its water reserves were “born” in the most distant and cold outskirts of the Solar system, or even beyond,” said Roger Clark (Roger Clark) from the Planetological Institute in Tucson (USA).

Space water-carriers

The question of the origin of water and organics on Earth and other planets of the Solar system today remains one of the most pressing and controversial issues in astronomy. Most planetary scientists believed that all organic matter and moisture, which is present today in the Solar system, was held on the outskirts of the disk of gas and dust, inside of which were born on her planet.

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