An Italian court ordered the American Museum to return the statue “the Athlete of Fano”

A policeman outside the court in Milan, Italy.

Итальянский суд обязал американский музей вернуть статую "Атлет из Фано"
© AFP 2018 / Giuseppe Aresu

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — the Italian Supreme court ruled that the Getty Museum in California is required to return Italy Greek bronze statue of the Hellenistic era “Athlete of Fano”, according to Italian media.

The sculpture “the Athlete of Fano”, created around the IV century BC by the Greek sculptor Lysippus, was discovered off the coast of the Italian city of Fano in the Adriatic sea in 1964. The Getty Museum acquired the statue in 1977, the German merchant of art for four million dollars. The Italian government has so far challenged the legality of the removal of the statue outside the country.

According to the newspaper Repubblica, the Italian Supreme court dismissed the appeal filed by lawyers for the Getty Museum in connection with the decision of the court of the Italian city of Pesaro on the confiscation of sculpture.

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