An American expert has predicted the crisis of arms control

American tactical missile system, MGM-140. ballistic missile short range.

Американский эксперт предрекла кризис системы контроля над вооружениями
CC0 / U.S. Army /

MOSCOW, 9 Dec — Vice-President of the nonprofit organization “the Initiative on reduction of nuclear threat” (NTI) Laura Holgate stated that if the trend laid down by the US withdrawal from the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles continues, within five years, the world will face a crisis in the field of arms control.

“If the situation develops in this direction, I suggest that we are faced with a serious crisis in the field of arms control and subsequently in the field of global security over the next five years,” she said in his lecture at MGIMO.

In her estimation, by itself, this step of the USA will cause “a series of negative consequences for the United States, Russia, Europe and the world”, in particular “the destruction of the INF Treaty would lead to the risk of costly and dangerous arms race, and because it can substantially increase the risk of accident or miscalculation, this could lead to nuclear escalation”.

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