An American expert has predicted a “dangerous process” of the dispute, the United States and China

The flags of the United States and China.

Американский эксперт спрогнозировал "опасный процесс" спора США и Китая
© 2018 AFP / Wang Zhao

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — China and the United States have a long and complex process of negotiations, as China may not fully comply with the United States, a “trade war” against China beats America, the American expert, Professor of international relations, Hamilton College (USA) Alan Cafruny.

“It sounds scary, but I don’t think China will give up. The process will be long and dangerous. There is the military-industrial complex of the United States, is the Pentagon — they are interested in technological superiority over China, and it is the aim of the trade war. (President of the United States Donald) trump flew (G20) and was appointed trade representative (Robert) of Leithauser — and he (the American) nationalist, nationalist, very clever,” said the expert at the round table club “Valdai”.

At the same time Cafruny believes that before the presidential elections trump will not start a sanctions war with China, as it will hit the economy of the United States.

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