American politician explained, as Ukraine draws US into a war

American politician and journalist Patrick Buchanan.

Американский политик объяснил, как Украина втягивает США в войну
© AP Photo / CBS, Face the Nation, Karin Cooper

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — an American politician and journalist Patrick Buchanan in his article for the magazine American Conservative says who to blame for the situation in the Kerch Strait and why the US is easily sucked into other people’s conflicts.

Earlier, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine violated the state border of Russia, included in the temporarily closed waters of the Russian territorial sea. They maneuvered in a dangerous manner, did not obey the lawful demands of the FSB border service. As a result, ships with 24 sailors were detained, and then against them criminal case on illegal crossing of the state border.

As Buchanan notes that this case is a deliberate provocation from the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian ships repeatedly passed through the Strait of Kerch and knew all the rules.

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