Ambiguous victory: who won the election in the US and at what here Russia

Rainbow over the Capitol building in Washington on the day of voting in the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. 6 Nov 2018

Неоднозначная победа: кто выиграл на выборах в США и при чем здесь Россия
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MOSCOW, 7 Nov — Ksenia Melnikova. Galiya Ibragimova. In the US elections to Congress. According to preliminary data, in the House of representatives by a small margin the majority goes to the Democrats, and the Senate remains Republican. This campaign was one of the most expensive and dirtiest in the history of the United States. For Donald trump, elections have become a kind of referendum on confidence. For voters — another reason for the split.

It is not so simple

According to preliminary results, here’s the deal: the Senate remains a “red” Republicans occupied the 51st place out of a hundred. But with the House of representatives is not so clear. The Democrats are ahead of Republicans, but is not so confident: 174 vs 168. Irritation from the actions of trump, which is so expected by his opponents, did not bring breakthrough results.

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