A new “threat of the Kremlin” for the United States: Russians just raised

Grain harvesting in the Chelyabinsk region

Новая "угроза Кремля" для США: русские ее просто вырастили
Alexander Congratulationes mashed potatoes on milk, a chicken omelette and a toast of wheat bread – but you never know what you can cook of Russian export products. The Swedes understood and accepted that Russia was among the world’s selhozhimia. But Americans do not.

To please the United States impossible. Whatever you say – all bad when it comes to Russia. For example: Russia exports a lot of weapons is very bad. Russia exports of agricultural products more than weapons even worse. With these calculations it is possible to accept when you do them somewhere in Europe.

But when the Americans upset the Americans, noting that Russia beats the US on the grain market, wrote The Wall Street Journal, then there could be quite unpleasant. Here the answer can only be one to add to the “sheet” of dangers coming from Russia, it is a direct threat to all agriculture of the US and every American farmer personally.

About the fact that “those dreadful Russian” it’s all right with grain, and Russia at the end of last year became the world’s largest exporter of wheat, written in Sweden.

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