“A gift for Russia”: in the U.S. Senate, commented on the withdrawal from the INF Treaty

The US Congress building in Washington.

"Подарок для России": в сенате США прокомментировали выход из ДРСМД
© AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

WASHINGTON, 4 Dec – a Group of democratic senators on Monday sent a letter to President Donald Trump with an appeal not to withdraw from the agreement with Russia on the elimination of intermediate range (the INF Treaty), considering such a move a “gift to Russia”.

“Although we understand the challenges associated with in order to force Russia to stop violating the INF Treaty, the sudden decision of the administration to withdraw unilaterally is a political and geostrategic gift to Russia,” wrote the senators.

In their opinion, such a move would distract attention from the “malicious behavior” and support the talk about the fact that US “ready to get rid of their obligations unilaterally, without any strategic alternatives”.

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