A dangerous truth. Americans saw through the Russian media

Microphones different media at the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation. 18 Mar 2018

Опасная правда. Американцы раскусили российские СМИ
Cyril Kalinkovichi earlier in the US accused the Russian media in the creation of fake news, lies and propaganda, now the attentions of the Americans have not escaped the Kremlin’s new secret superweapon – the truth. As it turned out, truth is a very dangerous thing.

Quilted jackets and other lovers of the treacherous RAM – hide your brazen faces and nicknames. You again got screwed and shamed. How you taunted and told that Americans do not know how to negotiate, do not want and can not. This is a vile lie, this carbon nonsense, you all the shoes and boots. The Americans have done! Agreed to the fact that. Namely, accused the Russian media in what they say… the truth!

Finally! Finally did what was long overdue. How could tangle and break the current strong Outlook?! Right media lied, but only for the salvation of the world, Russians did not lie, but only to destroy everything, as a measure of mediajoin offered to consider some kind of nobody wants the truth. This approach broke down strong in the past devices: failed vestibular, denied appetite digestive, telephone and heated state. Apparatus is not necessary to joke: refused – will not achieve the truth.

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The Americans, the Russians clearly saw through. They understand, speak of course the truth, but as treacherous and equally. The same, one and the same. Why? They want to help someone? No. They this truth want to the normal world of evil. Pointing fingers and plant your inferiority complexes.

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