You asked for it. The Pentagon goes to Poland with an ax and a saw

American F-22 Raptor at the air base Powidz, PolandСами напросились. Пентагон идет на Польшу с топором и пилой© Photo : U.S. Air Force / Senior Airman Tenley LongПольша is changing rapidly. Where was the forest (who needs it?), will be a huge complex of military depots. Us and NATO. And if there will be new warehouses and new troops.

Gdzie drwa rąbią, tam lecą wióry. I mean chop wood – chips fly. And sometimes feathers. It does not happen. Corps of engineers the U.S. army intends to destroy nearly 40 acres of unique forest close to used USA and NATO the Polish airbase of Powidz. There will be built a special new repair and warehouse complex. The Committee of the Alliance for investment predictable approved the felling of forests, and the military budget of the United States be allocated to this comprehensive work of nearly $ 90 million. Nuance (if you can call it that) is that this barbaric act is in direct conflict with the EU project Natura 2000 for the protection of rare species of fauna and their habitat. Such animals and birds in this place is, but why not do it for the approving nod of Washington?

Warsaw tampered with, for example, a ban on the destruction of bird nests. They felt that public safety and empowerment of U.S. forces in Europe, for which will cut down the forest and build complex, immeasurably more important than the protection of some rare birds. In the end, they can gracefully fly up and move, carefully carrying in beak offspring in a comfortable and safe place where no one came American loggers.

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In addition, the contradictions of Poland and Brussels turned into a systemic crisis, not only in environmental matters. Warsaw sees the most reliable assistant and “partner” in the face of Washington, increasingly neglecting the pan-European installations. And in order that no doubt of the need to continue active development of Poland, he regularly introduced additional anti-Russian verbal injections. Like, enemy at the gates total Western ready at any time of the treacherous attack, and we advanced and the main Outpost on the way barbarians – some of them do not hold.

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