XI Jinping and trump at the G20 will not complete a trade war, experts say

Buenos Aires on the eve of the G20 summit

Си Цзиньпин и Трамп на G20 не завершат торговую войну, считают эксперты
© 2018 AFP / Juan Mabromata

MOSCOW, 29 Nov — termination of a trade war between the US and China would support world trade and economy, but reaching such agreements at the G20 summit in Argentina seems unlikely, say the experts interviewed

The summit of “Big twenty” will be held in Argentina from 30 November to 1 December, it is expected that on the sidelines of the event will meet China’s President XI Jinping and U.S. President Donald trump.

Last week trump said he would not rule out the possibility of concluding a trade agreement with China within the framework of this meeting, but later in an interview with The Wall Street Journal called it “unlikely” that it will accept China’s proposal not to raise tariffs on Chinese imports cost $ 200 billion from the current 10% to 25%.

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