Witty response in the test student from the United States caused controversy in the Network

American schoolОстроумный ответ в тесте школьника из США вызвал споры в Сети© www.laptopinstitute.com

MOSCOW, 17 Oct — the Teacher of a school in California Evelyn Lisette has published original answer of his disciple to the problem and suddenly gained several thousand likes and hundreds of comments from users around the world.

The woman offered students the opportunity to gain one additional point in the test by telling her an anecdote. One of the seventh graders responded with two words: “Our President.”

Grading papers. This legit made my night. @realDonaldTrump #Trump pic.twitter.com/MyZu2aykQR

— Evelyn Lizette ☀ App (@EvelynALizette) 15 Oct 2018

“Anecdote” split followers Lisette into two camps. Some commentators praised the honesty of a teenager, others were outraged by the disrespect for the leader of the country, whatever it was. In response, the teacher stated that it was not going to deprive their students of the right to freedom of speech, regardless of their political views.

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