What has become of “Big twenty”

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of joint photographing of heads of delegations of the States members of the Group of twenty G20, invited States and international organizations. 30 Nov 2018

Во что превратилась "Большая двадцатка"
Mikhail Klimentyev

Vladimir Kornilov

The last couple of years, almost any meeting of international organizations and associations is completed with reasoning about their ineffectiveness is inevitable and imminent death. So it was during the opening of the latest session of the UN General Assembly, as was the case during the recent NATO summit, the same is the result of the summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) forum, recently held in Papua New Guinea. The same arguments began after sharp battles during the last Saturday of the Argentine summit of “Big twenty” (G20).

If before final declarations of these meetings are taken almost automatically, without a hitch — so one was the position of leaders on the most pressing issues of humanity — now every communiqué is born in pain, and sometimes not born at all (as it was with the last APEC summit). This is largely, of course, connected with the locking position of Donald trump, but let’s remember the painful bidding for the final communiqué of the June summit of EU leaders devoted to migration. No trump in Brussels and it was not close, as European leaders were forced its General statement to sign at the last moment, almost “on the knee”.

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