Weather anomaly: how changes in temperature affect human

The girl in the ParkПогодная аномалия: как перепады температуры влияют на человека

MOSCOW, 8 Oct — Alfia Enikeeva. People tend to blame it on the weather, mood swings, poor sleep or domestic troubles. Abnormal heat and cold, lack of sun can really affect the behavior and health of the person, cause mental illness, scientists say. collected new facts about meteozavisimosti.

Depressing rain

According to the Moscow service of psychological aid to the population, last summer, Muscovites more often than usual, addressed to psychologists. In June, became the coldest summer month in the last ten years, the number of callers to the service have increased by 14 percent. And one in four complained of bad weather and its associated depression.

The reaction of Muscovites to the rains and unusual summer cold is consistent with a number of studies. So, canadian scientists who observed the mood of the students, found that the higher the humidity and less sunlight, the worse the emotional state of the subjects. German researchers interviewed sixty volunteers came to similar conclusions: in cloudy weather, people feel more unhappy than on Sunny days.

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