Warming will transform the American South into the desert, scientists have found

Death valley in USA

Потепление превратит юг США в пустыню, выяснили ученые

MOSCOW, 25 Oct /strong>. A further increase in average temperatures will make many of the desert regions of the United States, including the famous Death Valley, even more lifeless and devoid of water. To such conclusion came the geologists, who published their forecast in the journal Science Advances.

“We showed that precipitation in Death Valley and throughout southwestern USA is highly dependent on storm activity in the Pacific ocean. This makes the region extremely vulnerable and sensitive to climate change. Current forecasts indicate that the storm will shift North that will sharply reduce rainfall in the future,” says Caitlin Wendt (Kathleen Wendt) from the University of Innsbruck (Austria).

One of the consequences of global warming are considered to be the so-called “extreme weather events” – periods of abnormal heat in the winter or cold in summer, heat wave, the week-long torrential rains, droughts and other phenomena associated with the “wrong” weather. For example, the flood in Krymsk in 2012 and the summer heat wave in Russia in 2010, today is considered one of the most striking examples of such phenomena.

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