Vietnamese-Ukrainian missiles exploded over Russia

Ukrainian soldiers near s-300Вьетнамо-украинские ракеты разорвались над Россией© AFP 2018 / Valery Solovjev

Irina Alksnis

Yesterday Russian media struck a sensation. Vietnamese information portal Soha News published an article which told about the secret trip of the US military and Israel to Ukraine with the purpose of studying the characteristics of samples of anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 in service with the Ukrainian military.

As reported by Vietnamese media, the trip was in light of the recent transfer of Russia-Syria s-300. The Ukrainian side has provided foreign partners with facilities for field tests and describe their combat capabilities. In addition, according to the author, Ukraine persuaded Western experts that the between samples that are present on the arms of the country and those s-300, which Russia has provided the Syrian army, there are no significant differences; as a result, the Israeli planes should be no difficulty in overcoming the Syrian s-300. Moreover, the publication was told that the Ukraine arrived Israeli pilots and 18 fighters of the fourth generation F-15C Eagle, which experienced a Ukrainian s-300.

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