USA plan to discuss the INF Treaty at the meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries

The headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

США планируют предметно обсудить ДРСМД на встрече глав МИД стран НАТО
© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo, File

WASHINGTON, 4 Dec – the US expects a discussion on the fate of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) at a meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels on 4-5 December, said a senior state Department official reporters on Tuesday on Board of the Secretary of state on the way to Belgium.

“We intend to involve our allies in close debate the next day and a half under the INF Treaty. We have a few days engaged in discussions with European allies for the INF Treaty”, he said.

Transcript of communication with journalists issued a state Department.

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