USA made the list of anti-Iran sanctions was the Bank

The building of the Ministry of the Treasury in Washington.

США внесли в список антииранских санкций зарегистрированный в России банк
© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, Nov 5 — U.S. made the list of sanctions against Iran was in Russia, “World Business Bank”, shareholder of which is “Bank Melli Iran” (Bank Melli), according to the U.S. Treasury.

According to the Agency, under the sanctions fall all the companies that owned or controlled by Bank Melli and its subsidiaries.

“In addition 12 subsidiaries Bank Melli or Bank-related Bank Melli enterprises included in the sanctions list…”, — stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance. Among these enterprises, in particular, BMIIC International General Trading LLC, Shomal Cement Company, Persian Gulf and Karafarinan Sabz Mir Business Bank (MB Bank). The US accused Bank Melli and other financial organizations in the country to help Finance Iran’s “destabilizing activities”. It is claimed that Iran has allocated to the Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC) billions of dollars.

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