Us special forces wanted to make the Russian weapons, in mass media

Soldiers of the U.S. special forces (green berets). Американский спецназ захотел производить российское оружие, пишут СМИ© Photo : U.S. Army / Sgt. Seth Plagenza

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — the special Forces of the US Army I want to run on the territory of the United States production of Russian weapons, writes the National Interest.

It is reported that the special operations Command of the United States (GU SPN) has already offered grants to companies who are able to “expand and improve the technology of the Kalashnikov machine gun modernized and large-caliber machine gun NSV “Utes”, and make copies of them”.

At the same time to grant the us military require that potential future manufacturers are able to get the drawings required parts and materials — by GU SPN this will not have any assistance.

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