Us Senator trying to cancel anti-Russian sanctions, the media are writing

U.S. Senator Rand Paul. Американский сенатор пытается отменить антироссийские санкции, пишут СМИ© 2018 AFP / Michael B. Thomas

MOSCOW, 24 Oct — Us Senator, member of the Republican party, Rand Paul tries to convince his colleagues in the Senate of the need to cancel anti-Russian sanctions and the benefits of cooperation with Moscow, according to Bloomberg.

As notes news Agency, to achieve these goals, the MP hopes to help the U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman. It is noted that both policies met on August 28. During the conversation, Paul asked the Huntsman to note at the meeting with the Republicans about the need to resume dialogue on treaties on arms control. In addition, the Senator told the diplomat that the issue of sanctions against Moscow colleagues “prone to hysteria”. The MP is convinced that “huntsman is the most suitable diplomat to provide the Senate with detailed information about the relations with Russia.”

In addition, according to Bloomberg, after the midterm congressional elections in November, he’s hoping to convince his party members to meet with Russian parliamentarians.

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