Us sanctions against Iran came into force

The flags of Iran on the streets of Tehran.

Американские санкции против Ирана вступили в силу
Anton Bystrov

MOSCOW, 5 Nov — the US has renewed sanctions against Iran — prior to the signing of the Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program from 2015. Restrictive measures have started at 00.00 on time of Washington (08.00 Moscow time).

On the eve of U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the list included more than 600 individuals and companies. According to him, the restrictions “must affect the behavior of the Iranian regime.”

Pompeo also said that the sanctions have already had a “huge impact” on Iran’s economy, because the European partners in advance of steel began withdrawing their business from the country. “Hundreds of companies left Iran”, — he said.

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