Two “In” or not two “B”. Between Britain and the United States F35 “flying”

The F-35

Two "В" or not two "В". Между Британией и США F35 "пролетел"
© Photo : public domainНе for talking to US, we raised the British aircraft carrier fleet – and they went up to the British now included rear. And those include.

Two "В" or not two "В". Между Британией и США F35 "пролетел"
Two “In” or not two “B”. Between Britain and the United States F35 “flying”Your browser does not support HTML5 audioМежду London and Washington, it seems, happened. And it’s not Mei, how would think trump, if he heard such language. And not “cat” – would have offended the producers for their offspring, they also nicknamed “lightning,” as they say – the coolest of the F-35. At least, not ran, and flew. Moreover, given its stealth characteristics, unnoticed. But the fact of the matter is that in Britain, finally noticed that fly-this “miracle of technology” they are. Nachudil.

In fact, as the “lightning” struck suddenly, that good should be enough. And they signed up for 138 aircraft in this series. And all with the letter “b”, that is sea-based. And this, for a moment, 90 million pounds apiece. In General, estimated debit credit and classically thought: two “In” or not two “B”? Decided that not two, but more fighters should contrary to the contract with the Americans to be replaced by “A”. That is part of the “35’s” to take the deck, and ground equipment for airfields. They told Sky News the most likely cause of the transition from water to land, and cheaper for 20 million each.

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However, the Americans suggest not. Themselves able to consider. And some and at all consider evil options ally almost cheating. Not for, say, the US raised the British aircraft carrier fleet, and they were raised after London in 2010 and decided to save it – that the British were turned back. And they include. And again to save. “If the Royal air force will receive F-35A at the expense of carriers, in the eyes of the United States it will look like a huge betrayal”, – concluded the interlocutor Sky News, as if it were not for the United States to decide, will receive a Royal air force F-35A or not.

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