Trump told how much the military will be sent to the border with Mexico

The US President Donald trump. Трамп рассказал, сколько военных отправит на границу с Мексикой© 2018 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

MOSCOW, 23 Oct — President of the United States Donald trump promised to send to the US border and Mexico, as military as necessary to stop “the growing caravan of refugees”, the newspaper USA Today.

Earlier, the trump instructed the border service of the country and the military regarded the situation with the caravan of refugees from Guatemala bound for the United States, as an emergency.

It is reported that on the question of how the military trump is ready to send to the border, he said that he would send “as long as necessary”, as according to him, the movement of migrants is “an attack on the country.” The US President also noted that “responsible” for a similar influx of immigrants are Democrats.

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