Trump said he was willing to send military to stop the caravan of refugees

The US President Donald trump.

Трамп заявил, что готов направить военных для остановки каравана беженцев
© AP Photo / Alex Brandon

MOSCOW, 25 Oct — US President Donald trump said that he intends to send to the southern border of the military to stop “emergency” with a caravan of refugees heading to the United States.

“The head of the National border patrol Council Brandon Judd was right when he said that the laws adopted on the initiative of the Democrats, complicate our attempts to stop people at the border. That has to change. I will direct the military to (termination) of an emergency. They (the workers) will be stopped!” — trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the caravan of illegal immigrants from Honduras, moving through the territory of Mexico, “under no circumstances” will not pass the border of the United States.

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