Trump lawyers demand from Stormy Daniels-recovery of legal costs

Actress adult movie Stormy Daniels.

Адвокаты Трампа требуют от Сторми Дэниелс возмещения судебных издержек
© AP Photo / Matt Sayles

MOSCOW, 4 Dec – the Lawyers of U.S. President Donald trump appealed on Monday to the court with the intent to seek reimbursement of litigation and legal costs in the amount of about 800 thousand dollars from porn actress Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford), who previously filed a lawsuit against trump on defamation, reports the Fox News channel.

According to the channel, the lawyer of the President of the United States Charles harder said his firm has spent more than 500 hours to the protection of the trump in the case of Daniels, and court costs amounted to 390 thousand dollars. Therefore, counsel requests the court to appoint the equivalent of hours and legal costs the amount of the payments from Daniels, to prevent the “re-actions and frivolous lawsuits about the spread prokasih information”.

“Such actions are virtually unprecedented in the American history of jurisprudence. Clifford not only made unreasonable accusations of defamation against the current President of the United States, but also together with the lawyer leads a massive advertising campaign,” — said in a court petition of Harder.

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