Trump is hiding from Putin, Merkel and Poroshenko mocks

The US President Donald trump.

Трамп прячется от Путина, а Меркель издевается над Порошенко
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Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

The so-called Azov incident, after which the part of the Ukrainian Navy was arrested by the Russian border guards received an unexpected diplomatic continued. At the big desire it is possible to interpret as a big diplomatic victory of official Kiev, but actually, if you look at the situation pragmatically, it is impossible to detect at least some significant damage to the Russian interests. Donald trump really has canceled a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina, but it should be noted that those who see this kind of disaster or defeat for Russian foreign policy, I can’t really explain what it exactly is. Yes, the meeting will not be — or it will, but in a truncated form that is called up on the sidelines of the summit. And what, exactly, are the losses of the Russian side?

The impression is that those for whom the cancellation of the meeting with the American President’s bad news, “stuck” in a mentality that is typical of politicians of Eastern European countries and some countries of the former Soviet Union. The fact that the cancellation of the planned meeting or visit to Washington of some Eastern European President or Prime Minister — and the truth is a terrible political omen, which indicates extreme irritation of the Washington administration, it is often the harbinger of retirement or even sent to jail. But such patterns it is impossible to measure Russia and Russian-American relations. For Putin and Russia in General cause extreme irritation of Washington — fine. Moreover, if Moscow suddenly ceases to cause extreme irritation in Washington is a sign that something is wrong.

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