Trump has threatened to toughen policies against illegal migrants

The US President Donald trump.

Трамп пригрозил ужесточить политику в отношении нелегальных мигрантов
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WASHINGTON, 26 Oct – US President Donald trump has threatened to toughen policies against illegal immigrants if Democrats continue to obstruct his initiatives in Congress.

“Democrats need to give us a voice to make a strong (but fair) laws. If this does not happen, we will have to play much harder,” wrote the President on Friday in his Twitter account. He noted that “the U.S. spends on illegal migration billions of dollars,” and warned that “it won’t last”.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has repeatedly spoken out against illegal immigration, his rhetoric was resumed on the background of the situation with a caravan of illegal immigrants from Honduras who are moving North to Mexico, hoping eventually to reach the United States. Trump also claimed that in the caravan are criminals and unknown people of the Middle East. The President warned the border guards and the military, it’s an emergency on a national scale. On Thursday, the media citing sources reported that trump is considering to close the southern border of the country for those seeking asylum in the United States, migrants from Latin America.

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