Trump expressed skepticism about the UN report on climate change

The US President Donald trump. Трамп скептически высказался о докладе ООН по изменению климата© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

WASHINGTON, 10 Oct — US President Donald trump said that he had not read the UN report on climate change, but is configured at the same skeptical.

“To me it (the report — ed.) passed, and I want to see who made what groups of people, as I reports may be gorgeous, but may be not so good,” said trump. “But I, of course, I will read”, he added.

The report States that the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has already increased by 1 degree Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and may rise by 3-4 degrees. Republicans and trump sceptical of the scientific consensus on the existence of global warming, caused by human activity. Trump has cancelled a number of regulations for energy and said that the USA is out of the Paris climate agreement.

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