Trump and XI Jinping at the meeting on the G20 unlikely to agree, experts say

Donald trump and XI.

Трамп и Си Цзиньпин на встрече на G20 вряд ли договорятся, считают эксперты
© AP Photo / Alex Brandon

WASHINGTON/BEIJING, 29 Nov – One of the key events in the framework of the forthcoming G20 summit in Argentina will be meeting US President Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping.

There’s a huge appetite, because the talks between the leaders of the two leading economies of the world will be amid the intensifying trade war, which can reach a new level in a month. The main intrigue — whether the parties to negotiate and to dance a “tango for two” on Argentine soil. And if Yes, then who, or rather what will prevail – the hawkish head of trump or aging Eastern dragon XI Jinping.

Experts believe that long-term agreements between major rivals should not wait, but success will be the conclusion of the truce.

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