Trump acknowledged that the US is behind the creation of Russia’s space forces

The President of the United States Donald trump at the UN General Assembly in new York, USA. September 24, 2018. Трамп признал, что США отстали от России в создании космических войск© REUTERS / Carlos Barria

MOSCOW, 14 Oct — the US behind Russia and China in sphere of creation of the space forces, said U.S. President Donald trump during his speech to voters at a rally in Kentucky, the voice recording was published by the Fox News channel.

“By my decree, the Pentagon is working on a sixth appearance in the U.S. armed forces — Space forces,” — said the head of the White house.

“Meanwhile, China has begun to do, Russia has already started (create space forces. — ed.). But we are the best people in the world, we produce the best equipment we make the best missiles, tanks and ships in the world,” trump added.

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