Three of the experimenter told, as published in scientific journals facie, 07.10.2018

Dog. Три экспериментатора рассказали, как публиковали в научных журналах фейкии, 07.10.2018

MOSCOW, 7 Oct — Two American scientists and a journalist admitted that for years carried out a social experiment in which published in scientific journals obviously absurd article. They talked about it on the pages of the online magazine Areo, editor of which, Helen, Plakos, was one of the participants of the study.

James Lindsay, Peter and Helen Bogosian Plakos wrote and sent in a reputable peer-reviewed publication issued for the usual research work is meaningless and worthless from the scientific point of view, but at the same time, “politically biased” articles on social topics.

The focus of the two dozen works reflect the fact that in the West today is understood to be pressing social problems — issues of gender identity, sexuality, racial emancipation, feminism and masculinity; attitudes to overweight people and the like.

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