The writer of “the Simpsons” told what will happen between Marge and Homer

Animated Television Series The Simpsons.

Сценарист "Симпсонов" рассказал, чего не произойдет между Мардж и Гомером
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MOSCOW, 27 Nov — the Heroes of the animated series “the Simpsons” Marge and Homer would never cheat on each other, in their family also cannot be violence, said in an interview with the writer of the show Mike Reiss.

The TV series “the Simpsons” is aired on screens in 1989, the show’s characters, besides Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart, repeatedly became celebrities, and creators of the cartoon often respond to the global agenda. One of the writers of the cartoon Mike Reiss came to Moscow to perform at Synergy Global Forum 2018 at the Olympics.

“We will never allow that to Homer and Marge’s marriage was a betrayal. And I can’t imagine, for example, Homer hit Marge,” said Reiss, answering the question whether there is for the writers forbidden topics in the series.

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