The US wants to offer Turkey an alternative to the s-400

Anti-aircraft missile system s-400.

США хотят предложить Турции альтернативу С-400
Dmitry Vinogradov

ANKARA, 30 Aug — the Pentagon has prepared a package of measures to ensure Turkey’s powerful air defense system as an alternative to the Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-400, according to Turkish official news Agency Anadolu, citing submitted to Congress the report of the U.S. Department of defense.

Earlier, a spokesman for Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin did not exclude that Turkey can also purchase the American Patriot air defense system, in addition to s-400, “if I get a good offer not just on supply, but also on the joint production”.

“The U.S. authorities warned Turkish government that the purchase of s-400 will have a negative impact on Turkish-American relations and Turkey’s role in NATO… a package of measures to ensure Turkey’s powerful and missile defense system, integrated with the NATO system. The details of this package need to inform Congress. Support his steps on the supply of defense systems and weapons to Turkey is important from the point of view of the formation of alternatives to the systems s-400 to Turkey”, — quotes Agency the quote from the document.

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