The US wants to achieve the withdrawal from Syria of all foreign forces

The white house in Washington.

США хотят добиться вывода из Сирии всех иностранных сил
Alex Agaryshev

MOSCOW, Nov 7 — Washington focuses on the fact that in the end, all foreign armed forces, which entered the Syrian conflict in 2011 left the country, said the US special envoy on the Syrian dialogue, James Jeffrey.

According to him, the US has concentrated its efforts on the fact that “in the end, to a situation where all foreign forces which came into conflict in 2011, came” with Syria.

“Russia, which was there before, I do not go away, but there are still four foreign military powers: Israel, Turkey, Iran and the United States are now in Syria. This is a dangerous situation, as you can see on the incident with the Russian plane Il-20, which was hit by the Syrian army into thinking that a blow to the Israeli military, which, presumably, was shot by Iranian military targets,” said Jeffrey during a telephone briefing.

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