The US sanctions have led to an unexpected effect in Russia, writes the WSJ

The flag of the United States. Санкции США привели к неожиданному эффекту в России, пишет WSJ Maksim Blinov

MOSCOW, 17 Oct — the Us sanctions led to the “unexpected rise” in the Russian economy, writes the Wall Street Journal.

It is noted that the restrictive measures imposed by the US, triggered a rise in oil prices and the weakening of the ruble, which in combination have only strengthened the Russian economy.

According to the publication, Washington’s sanctions against Tehran has led to the fact that since mid-August, oil has risen 14 percent, and it allows exporters of “black gold” from Russia to significantly increase revenue. In particular, according to the newspaper, the quotations of Russian oil companies “Rosneft” and “LUKOIL” in 2018 rose by 56 and 39 percent respectively.

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