The US imposed sanctions against the son of the leader of the movement “Hezbollah”

The building of the U.S. state Department in Washington.

США ввели санкции против сына лидера движения "Хезболлах"
© 2018 AFP / Nicholas Kamm

WASHINGTON, 13 Nov — the United States on Tuesday contributed to the sanctions list of the son of the leader of the movement “Hezbollah” Jawad Nasrallah a “for the preparation and implementation of terrorist attacks”, according to the state Department.

“Jawad is Nasrallah son of Hezbollah leader… as well as the rising leader of “Hezbollah”. Earlier Jawad Nasrallah engaged in recruiting persons for terrorist attacks against Israel on the West Bank of the Jordan river,” from the common application.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry said that the USA brought five people and the Palestinian group to a sanctions list for terrorism. In the list of secondary sanctions were five citizens of Iraq and Lebanon for communication with the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah, which the US considers terrorist. These include and Jawad Nasrallah.

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