The US has informed India that it plans to release the anti-Iran sanctions

New Delhi.

США не уведомляли Индию о планах освободить ее от антииранских санкций
Eugene Berek

NEW DELHI, Nov 1 — Washington has not officially informed new Delhi about alleged plans to free India from sanctions in connection with the continuation of purchases of Iranian crude oil, said Thursday the official representative of the Indian foreign Ministry Ravish Kumar.

Earlier Thursday, the Economic Times newspaper reported, citing sources, that the US government will enable India to continue to import Iranian oil after the entry into force on 4 November of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was noted that, in accordance with the agreement, Indian oil companies will be able to buy a limited amount of oil from Iran. So, until March 2019, this amount shall not exceed 1.25 million tons per month.

“As for us, we have not received any official information from the American side. As you know, we’ve held several rounds of talks, not only with USA but also with Iran and other stakeholders on this issue. As for the US, they are very well aware of our expectations of our domestic oil requirements, which is vital to the sustainable economic growth of our country,” said Kumar, in response to a request of journalists to comment on the Economic Times.

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