The US expects to develop a unified NATO response to the incident in the Black sea

The headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

США рассчитывают выработать единый ответ НАТО на инцидент в Черном море
© AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

WASHINGTON, 4 Dec – the US expects a meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels to develop a common response of the Alliance to the incident in the Kerch Strait, said Tuesday a senior us state Department to reporters aboard Secretary of state on the way to Belgium.

The meeting of Ministers will take place in Brussels on 4-5 December.

“We in the United States have some ideas… We’re very closely coordinated in the last seven days with our European allies in NATO format and the format of the EU, and now we focus on the joint response commensurate with the scale of the Alliance… on what happened in Kerch”, — said the representative of the state Department.

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