The US complained that their spy plane intercepted at the Russian border

Freeze-frame video of the interception of a us spy plane EP-3 over the Black sea.

США пожаловались, что их самолет-разведчик перехватили у российских границ
© U. S. Navy

WASHINGTON, 5 Nov – the Command of naval forces of the United States claims that a Russian su-27 “unsafe intercepted” the American spy plane over the Black sea.

“The fifth of November 2018 American plane EP-3 Aries flying in international airspace over the Black sea, was intercepted by a Russian su-27. This interaction was deemed unsafe due to the fact that the su-27, made speed the passage directly in front of the aircraft, endangering pilots and crew,” — said in a statement on the website of the U.S. Navy.

After that, according to the us military, su-27 again flew close to the EP-3 with the use of afterburner.

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