The United States resumed a permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia


США возобновили постоянное дипломатическое присутствие в Сомали
Yuri Abramochkin

WASHINGTON, 5 Dec – the US for the first time since the closure of the Embassy in Somalia in January 1991, he restored a permanent diplomatic presence in the country, reported the press service of the state Department.

“This is a historic event reflects the progress achieved in Somalia in recent years and is another step forward in the formalization of the diplomatic participation of the United States in Mogadishu after the recognition of the Federal government of Somalia in 2013. Our return demonstrates the commitment of the United States to further strengthening of stability, democracy and economic development that meet the interests of both countries”, — stated in the message Department.

It is noted that U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto and his staff “look forward to working closely with the people and Federal government of Somalia to strengthen our already close bilateral relations in the interests of achieving these common goals”.

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