The United States refused to provide data in the case of secret CIA prison in Lithuania

Alleged CIA prison in Lithuania Antaviliai. США отказались предоставлять данные по делу о секретной тюрьме ЦРУ в Литве© AP Photo / Mindaugas Kulbis

VILNIUS, 8 Oct — the US did not provide the Lithuanian side data, which in September asked for the Prosecutor’s office in the investigation of cases of illegal cross-border movement of individuals to detention in a secret CIA prison, said Prosecutor General of Lithuania on Monday.

“The response (to the request of the Prosecutor) stated that the US has no ability to provide the required data and answers to questions of Lithuanian prosecutors,” — said in the message.

As noted by the Lithuanian Prosecutor’s office, pre-trial investigation continues. “Prosecutors emphasize, to establish all the circumstances and to evaluate them only after gathering all the necessary data,” the report said.

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