The United States feared that the incident in the Black sea may become a precedent in the world

Three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, violated the state border of the Russian Federation.

США опасаются, что инцидент в Черном море может стать прецедентом в мире
the border guard service of the Republic of Crimea

WASHINGTON, 5 Dec – the United States feared that the incident in the Kerch Strait, where Russian border guards detained a Ukrainian military boats for violating the state border, may become a precedent in other parts of the world, told reporters a senior state Department official.

“There are a lot of international routes – shipping lanes – in the middle East, in Asia. We have a principled reason to worry about such a show (of force)… and also very practical and interest-based (USA) reason to worry about many places in the world, through which American troops and trade, and we don’t want this (the incident in the Kerch Strait – ed.) became a precedent,” — said the representative office.

Transcript of the speech distributed on Tuesday by the press service of the state Department.

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