The United States blocked requests of China and the EU in a dispute over fees

Working in a steel mill in China.

США заблокировали запросы Китая и ЕС по спору о пошлинах
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MOSCOW, 29 Oct — on Monday, the US blocked the requests of China, the EU, Canada, Mexico, Norway and Turkey for the establishment of an arbitration panel on a dispute on tariffs on steel and aluminium to the WTO, said a source familiar with the negotiations.

Earlier on Monday, the Ministry of economic development reported that the United States blocked a similar request from the Russian Federation. Russia intends to re-request the establishment of the panel, after which it will be convened automatically.

“These WTO members have questioned the thesis, States that these fees are justified exception to WTO rules, due to national security concerns and should not be considered by the arbitration group,” said the source.

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