The United States and Ukraine announced “aggressive actions” of Russia in the sea

The Azov coast in the Crimea.

США и Украина заявили об "агрессивных действиях" России на море
Sergey Maligawa

WASHINGTON, 17 Nov — the United States and Ukraine announced “aggressive actions” of Russia in the Black and Azov seas, said in a joint statement the two countries following the meeting of the Commission on strategic cooperation.

“The United States condemned Russia’s aggressive actions against international ships passing through the Black sea, the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait in Ukrainian ports. Both sides stressed that the aggressive activities of Russia in the Azov sea has brought new threats to security, economy and environmental protection for the whole Azov-black sea region”, — said in a statement.

The situation of navigation in the Azov sea has escalated in the beginning of the year. Ukrainian border guards in March, detained the ship “Nord” under the flag of Russia in the Azov sea with 10 crew members. Crew members without a captain at full strength was able to return to Crimea only after seven months from the exchange of the Ukrainian sailors arrested for poaching and trespassing of the Russian Federation.

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