The United States and South Korea will establish a working group to coordinate the efforts of the DPRK

The building of the U.S. state Department in Washington.

США и Южная Корея создадут рабочую группу для координации усилий по КНДР
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WASHINGTON, 30 Oct — the United States and South Korea agreed to establish a working group to improve coordination of the approaches of countries on the DPRK, told reporters at a press briefing, Deputy state Department spokesman Robert Palladino.

According to him, the agreement was reached during the visit of US special envoy on North Korea Stephen Began in Seoul this week. Palladino noted that the purpose of the visit was to discuss diplomatic efforts to achieve a “final, comprehensive, verifiable” denuclearization of the DPRK.

“As part of this, both countries have agreed to establish a new working group that would further deepened our close coordination in diplomacy, attempts at denuclearization on the implementation of sanctions on inter-Korean cooperation, which would comply with UN sanctions”, — said the representative of the state Department.

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