The UN has condemned the US sanctions against Iran


В ООН осудили санкции США против Ирана
© AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi

GENEVA, Nov 8 – Elizabeth Isakov. International sanctions aimed at the complete blocking of trade of the country, are economic war against civilians, it is necessary to take measures for the protection of civilian persons in time of such economic blockades, said the special Rapporteur of the UNHRC on the effect of sanctions on human rights, Idriss jazaïry, in connection with the introduction of US sanctions against Iran.

Jazairi recalled that after the introduction of U.S. sanctions against Tehran in Iran delivery of humanitarian aid and basic necessities is complicated by despite the fact that these goods were made exceptions. In particular, the supply of food and medicine to Iran because of the sanctions linger, as banks, insurers and transport companies now have to obtain additional permissions. It was also reported that the SWIFT system for international transactions were denied access to some of the Iranian banks, which renders meaningless the exclusion of sanctions of certain goods for which it is impossible to pay, he said.

“I am deeply concerned by the fact that the poor have to bear the burden of these actions (sanctions). More and more people are losing their jobs, while economies suffer. The right of States to disagree with each other must be respected, but violation of human rights of ordinary people should not be used as a means of political pressure on the state. It is illegal from the point of view of international legislation in the field of human rights,” he said.

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