The U.S. Secretary of education earned $60 million in 2017

US dollars.

Министр образования США заработала $60 миллионов в 2017 году
Anton Denisov

MOSCOW, 30 Nov — the U.S. Secretary of education Betsy DeVos earned in 2017, almost 60 million dollars more than other members of the American administration, reports Politico, citing the tax declarations of politicians.

The total income of the three richest Ministers of the administration amounted to nearly $ 150 million. In addition to DeVos and her husband’s high earnings was noted by the Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross with 47 million dollars in revenue last year, and the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin – 41.6 million dollars.

The publication notes that a significant portion of the proceeds of the financial trio made a withdrawal of investment capital in order to avoid conflict of interests.

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