The U.S. Embassy in Russia, commented on the incident with “Union”

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Посольство США в России прокомментировало инцидент с "Союзом"

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the long-term cooperation between Washington and Moscow in the space contributed to the successful outcome of the incident with the ship “Soyuz MS-10,” said the U.S. Embassy in Russia.

During the launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10” with the new ISS crew on Thursday there was an “accident vehicle”. On Board the “Soyuz MS-10” was the mission of ISS-57/58, Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague. The head of state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin announced that the crew of the Soyuz landed all alive.

“We are delighted prosperous landing of the crew of the “Union”. An extensive program of joint training of crew members, developed as a result of years of experience of open cooperation between our countries in the field of space, has contributed to the successful outcome of the incident”, — is spoken in the message of the American Embassy in Moscow on Twitter.

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