The U.S. and South Korea resume joint naval exercises

Carrier strike group the U.S. Navy during joint exercises with ships of South Korea.

США и Южная Корея возобновляют совместные морские учения
© Photo : U.S. Navy photo / Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan Burke

MOSCOW, Nov 4 — the United States and South Korea on Monday for the first time in six months, will resume joint naval exercises in the framework of Korean programs for the exchange of experience between units of the US marine corps and South Korea (KMEP), reports Yonhap news Agency citing military.

According to the Agency, these exercises were not carried out from may 2018. On Monday, the navies of the two countries will begin joint exercises of the two weeks near the port of Pohang on the Southeast coast of South Korea. The exercises will involve about 500 servicemen from the South Korean marine Corps and of the 3rd expeditionary force, U.S. marine corps, which dislozierung in Okinawa in Japan. Also be involved the Korean amphibious car amphibious marine corps (KAAV)

“According to annual plan (exercise — ed) approved by the United States and South Korea this year, we will begin joint exercises of the marine corps from November,” — said the representative of the marine corps of South Korea.

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